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Zulu consultants are highly-trained, experienced specialist security consultants with 20+ years’ experience in complex, often high- and extreme-risk environments. Many of our consultants come from a military special forces background, and their unique knowledge and experience have proven invaluable in the corporate and government sectors. We work alongside our clients to optimise their security, provide them with the information they need to make informed choices, and give them peace of mind so that they can concentrate on the business in hand. In a nutshell, we do what we do best, so that you can concentrate on what you do best.


The Services We Offer

Security consultations aim to assist management in making informed decisions regarding security measures that should be taken to protect a facility and its related assets, people, materials, information, process, reputation. We will discuss and propose such consultations in conjuction with you. Such consultations can be conducted at any stage of the site life cycle and they can take different forms depending on their purpose:

   - A Security Survey reviews the existing security measures to ensure that existing standards and policies are being met and complied with.

   - A Security Review reviews the site to determine if the existing security measures are adequate, in accordance with the threat level and the assets involved. A Security Review is based on industry best practice.

   - A Threat and Risk Assessment (TRA) is an in-depth assessment and analysis of the threats to your organisation, weighed against the assets you need to protect. The risks are balanced against the security measures already in place and we make recommendations with an aim to mitigating these risks.

An event organiser’s primary concern is the security and safety of the event. No matter how big or small your event, Zulu Consulting LTD will work with you to ensure your event is safe and secure from the planning stage through to the event itself. Our specialist consultants carry out an Event Risk Analysis, and put in place measures (manpower, technology) to deter, protect and respond to any unplanned incidents or emergencies. We give you the peace of mind that will allow you to focus on the main purpose of the event, without worrying about unwanted distractions.

To protect your organisation, it is essential to be able to identify and prioritise any potential risks that can generate losses. An in-depth Risk Analysis will reveal these risks, and indicate the best risk mitigation options. “What are the risks that have the potential to adversely affect our mission and what are we going to do about it.” Zulu consultants can expertly guide you through this process that will allow you to better understand the risks your business is vulnerable to, and plan a strategy to efficiently and cost-effectively protect it. Zulu consultants can also support you in navigating a crisis or rather in the event of a new or previously identified risk occurring.

Close protection requires operators with highly developed professional and interpersonal skills, able to protect you and your organisation effectively and discreetly. Zulu utilises highly-trained, ex military (special operations forces) personnel with proven experience in corporate environments, and an impeccable track record in close protection services and who are quick to adapt to the demands of the situation and your organisations’ needs.

International business operations and travel can be challenging and even dangerous in today’s volatile world. It is part of an organisation’s duty-of-care to protect its workforce, and this is where Zulu Travel Security Management can help.
After conducting a thorough Travel Risk Analysis, Zulu Travel Security Management will mitigate any risks in order to safeguard your travellers and protect your assets, information, reputation, and business capability.
Zulu and its carefully selected partners provide assistance and security services in a large number of countries, including high risk and hostile environments, for travelling personnel. We manage the logistics and security of, and during, the trip, so the traveller can focus on the business side itself.

When travelling or operating in remote areas or to countries with a poor health system, it may be necessary to have timely access to a medical consultation or even have medic or paramedic personnel within the security team; for example in case of a medical emergency.
Thanks to our partnerships with medical professionals, medics and paramedics, with proven experience in emergency and trauma medicine, upon request, Zulu is able to provide a 24h telemedicine service and to deploy medical personnel along with security operators.

The ongoing need to control internal processes and to identify potential wrongdoings requires strict procedures, which aim to prevent and resolve internal and external disputes, thus limiting reputational harm and business disruption.
Business Intelligence & Investigation – Zulu Consulting Ltd are experienced in analysing critical information, necessary for a consistent security control mechanism. Identifying fraudulent actions will limit business vulnerabilities.
Due Diligence – Before committing your business and/or yourself to a new business partner, or before signing a contract, it is essential to have as much information as possible to be sure that everything is conducted in a transparent environment, thus minimizing financial and reputational risks. Zulu Consulting Ltd are experienced in such investigations.
Personnel security – the quality of personnel is fundamental to reducing internal crimes, and pre-employment background screening can filter out potentially dishonest employees. Zulu Consultancy Ltd have advised, and continue to advise, many businesses of such processes and we can provide this service to you as part of the package.

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